i hope you fall in love with someone who’s never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you


Dustin eating popcorn


outkast - roses



i’m feeling so sad and stressed out rn and it’s all my own fault!!!! this has been happening every night lately lmao i just want to sleep

"Sometimes I don’t feel very social and I just go to sleep."
- Ezra Koenig (via deliverydude)

Craft Spells (by Nevvman666)



girls - lust for life

“When I wrote Lust For Life, I was jealous of my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. We had just broken up and she had this new, cool boyfriend and seemed really happy about it. I was like, honestly jealous of it, and was thinking it would be cool if I had a boyfriend too. I would have felt happy. It’s just about loneliness and stuff. I was kinda quoting all the things she had that I didn’t have. It was the things I generally felt at the moment, I don’t like censor myself. With all my songs, I like to say exactly how I’m thinking at that time even if I don’t understand.” - Christopher Owens (Girls frontman)